WorkshopDL & FastDL

Hello, I’m sure many of you come here, not completely sure of what DL method is best to use.

I have to recommend that you try to get as much content as you can from the workshop (textures, models, etc), as this generally allows the user to have a faster load in speed to your server.

I will walk you through both of these methods.


  1. To start, you should have a workshop collection, containing all the addons/textures you wish your players to download on join. E.g. 4f0315.png
  2. You will want to copy the ‘ID’ of the workshop collection; You do this by copying this section of the URL. 96e5c4.png
  3. You now should visit here where you will be able to put you workshop collection ID into the box and press “Get Collection” 720f7a.png
  4. The website will then display you a preview of your workshop.lua file, you should then hit “Download this resources.lua file”127d71.png7dbc41.png
  5. You should then rename the resources.lua file to workshop.lua 8aab0f.png
  6. You should then upload said workshop.lua file to your server, in /home/container/garrysmod/lua/autorun/server

7. Simply restart and now users that join your server should download the content contained in your collection (Exceptions include when the users have custom content turned off)


  1. Sync the FastDL by selecting “Intelligent FastDL” under “Tools” in your Game panelb620dc.png
  2. On the same page, copy the piece of code that the panel gives you 642328.png
  3. Navigate to garrysmod/cfg/server.cfg and place the said piece of code anywhere in the file, on a new line.5e3d06.png
  4. Although, you need to select what files you wish to download for this; you can see the file structure if you goto the link given here fe8b2a.png
  5. You will most likely be greeted with an index like so 9152b0.png
  6. Now you need to find the file(s) in which you are wanting FastDL, let’s say for example you wanted to FastDL this file; you would right click and click “Copy Link Location” ( or " Copy link address")
  7. You then want to make a resource.lua file located here:


  1. Within that file, you want to write

E.g. resource.AddFile("materials/models/hands/sleeves.vmt") You will also want to remove the .bz2 from the end.

  1. Now that file will be FastDL’d! You will need to do that line of code for every file you need to FastDL. This is partly the reason why WorkshopDL is preferred, another reason is that WorkshopDL is faster.

Thank you for reading this guide. Some things will most likely be incorrect, so please notify me of the issues and I will sort it out asap.

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