Virginia & Oregon outage

Impacted Services: Source & MC
Severity: High
Information: This is an account-issue at OVH, not networking etc.
We’ve contacted them to escalate the issue. We’re waiting on them to resolve the bug

This is being actively worked on currently. Should be resolved relatively shortly

Service seems to be restoring now

Following up from this incident, it seems there have been some firewall profile issues as a result of the outage this morning. This may prevent some players from being able to join your server, or result in a error when trying to access a USA server in dino panel depending on various circumstances.

I’m working to do QA checks on all game servers in the USA, but due to the high volume this may take some time. Possible ETA is 15-30 minutes. Will post here if I think it’ll last longer.

Thanks for the patience & sorry about the issues today

All MC servers should be passing QA & operating as expected now.

Source servers should all be passing QA now, if you’re still running into any quality of service issues please ping me on Discord with your server IP & the issues you’re seeing.

If you were impacted by this issue, you can drop us a ticket for a week extension as an apology

Starting to do QA checks on the game nodes themselves which should resolve any issues impacting your panel from talking to the daemon on your node, should be done relatively fast compared to the previous tasks

Everything seems to be good now

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