Setting up an a-host record (Joining via Domain)

In this guide I will show you how to set up an A record that points towards your Game server IP to allow you to connect using your domain instead of an IP: E.g. or

Keep in mind, this will work for both source and minecraft servers, however it could be deemed as more useful on minecraft servers :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. Find your site on Cloudflare, then select “DNS”
  2. Enter the relevant details, keeping in mind that the name section on Cloudflare only needs the letters before your domain (E.g. “mc” from “mc.eclipse…”)
  3. Let the easy joining begin :slight_smile:


  1. First navigate to your cPanel for your website then select “Zone Editor”
  2. Then select “+ A record”
  3. Then enter what you sub domain you want to redirect, and the Server IP of your game server (Not including the port)
  4. The record should now be set up, allow the easier connections to begin :slight_smile: