My Introduction

Well, I think some people know me already but my name is Lolo (In-real life name as well). Just wanted to make a small introduction in the forums, because I also saw that there is none on this new forum :c. I’m from Spain btw, so that explains why this thread is going to have some grammar mistakes hehe.

I like mapping for source games, I don’t like much programming due it makes me feel a bit anxious hehe. Actually working on some map. I don’t have any hobbies in real life, due I don’t like sports, etc… I’m not owning any server right now.

With this of lockdown I have been a bit anxious, I only left my home two times in the last 4 months, and due to the recent situation on Spain, the COVID cases are increasing again, so I decided to not leave my house for this year unless its absolutely necessary. Right now, having a lot of time, and due to I’m feeling really anxious, looking for things to do.

I’m also Discord Support in Crident Discord lol, probably a lot of you didn’t even notice because I have been pretty inactive giving help for the last year, due personal situation, however, will be very active now, probably more than ever cause due the anxious that I feel, going to give a lot of help to the people for have something to do hehe.

If you have problems with something just DM me, I’m willing to help, even on mapping things. If you’re also looking for someone to talk, DM me lol. Might make some guide here for help the people and spend the time hehe.

PS: I just wait that it’s allowed to make an introduction in General category :c

Oh heyyy lolo hows it cutting

Wooooow Rhyss long time I didn’t saw you on the Discord I was thinking on you the other day lol :smiley: . Happy to see you okay :wink:

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