Moving to Crident

We know switching hosts can be a big bother but from this guide alone it should be enough to help you easily move your server from another host to Crident without the troubles of spending hours on the right files to find to move and replace.

Follow these simple steps and you’ll have your server switched in no time:

  1. Collecting the right content. Generally you’ll only need to move over files you added to the server, but here’s a list of the typical files & folders you’ll need to move:
  1. Once you’ve got those files & folders copied to your computer, go ahead & compress them into a single ZIP if they aren’t already by putting them in a folder and right clicking it:
  2. Go to your server on & open the file management page
  3. Go into the Garry’s Mod folder, and upload the zip file you just made
  4. Right click the zip on dino once it’s uploaded & click “Decompress”
    The files should then extract into the right directories and you should be good to go!

Please note: you may have to change some settings especially if you’re switching MySQL servers to ours. Some DRMs also require 1 download per server so you may have to re-download them and re-upload them, we can’t do anything about them.