How to rename DarkRP

Hello! So today I will be trying to explain how to re-name DarkRP so you can have variants like StarwarsRP!

Please keep in mind this guide will be completely case-sensitive! Some of the images in this guide are on our old Dino Panel design, but things still work the same way with the new Dino :slight_smile:

  1. Have your server stopped
  2. Using the file manager or an SFTP Client, locate to garrysmod/gamemodes/
  3. Re-name the darkrp folder to whatever you wish your gamemode to be, for example, for StarwarsRP you would rename it to starwarsrp (In all lowercase).
  4. Then inside your newly renamed folder, you want to rename the darkrp.txt file to (Your gamemode).txt (Your gamemode being whatever you want it to be e.g. starwarsrp Lower case!!)
  5. You then want to open your newly renamed text file, then after Title you want to change DarkRP to whatever you gamemode is. E.g. StarWarsRP (This time with capitals)
  6. You then want to locate to garrysmod/gamemodes/(your gamemode)/gamemode/init.lua, then on line 4 you want to change “DarkRP” to your gamemode. E.g. “StarWarsRP”
  7. Then, goto garrysmod/gamemodes/(your gamemode)/gamemode/cl_init.lua, where you want to do the same as in step 6!
  8. Then you need to change your start-up parameters to the desired gamemode! Keep in mind you should be entering the lower case version. E.g. starwarsrp

Thank you for using this guide! If you need any help contact me on discord: