Creating a Workshop Collection

  1. Open your steam client
  2. Click on Garry’s Mod (In your games), then click on the wrench
  3. You then want to hover over the “Browse” button and then hit “Collections”
  4. You then want to click on “Create Collection”
  5. You then will be granted with a creation form;
  6. You then must add at least 1 addon to your collection, you can usually find one in the “Subscribed items tab” (You can add more later, in an easier fashion)
  7. You can safely ignore this step (Unless you want a background image for your collection), and just hit “Publish”
  8. You can now easily add other addons to your collection by finding them on the Garry’s Mod Workshop, then clicking “Add to collection”, selecting your collection then hitting “Ok”

This is a fairly simple task, but thought it might be useful to some